Physical Therapy

Artelon Physical Therapy

“Using the Artelon Reinforcement to augment my soft tissue repairs allows me to confidentially use more progressive postoperative, physical therapy protocols to achieve better early passive motion and ultimately improved outcomes for my patient.”

– Dr. Geoffrey B Higgs, M.D. Orthopedic Surgeon

“The confidence I have in Artelon has allowed me to activate my patients much earlier in the recovery process.”

– Dr. Leonard Vekkos, D.P.M, FACFAS.

Collagen Patches

“Surgeons have been using degradable materials for centuries. Everything from pig gut to collagen patches, but they degrade too fast, and leave a host of new problems behind.”

– Per Flodin, Professor of Polymer Chemist.

“In the past, various tissue augmentation materials, mostly xenograft based, have been utilized but have been met with complications and less then satisfactory results.

Artelon has answered this challenge for me. It has provided an excellent construct for tissue augmentation that has led to a strong tissue repair without the adverse side effects seen in other tissue augmentation products.

I have been so pleased with my results over the past several years that I will often use it as augmentation in my primary repairs.”

– Dr. Wayne Gersoff, M.D. Orthopedic Surgeon.

“Artelon is one of my go-to products; it is easy to work with and better represents the natural tendon elasticity and modulus when compared to the collagen-based grafts on the market. My Patients appreciate the fact that it is synthetic and there is virtually no chance for tissue rejection.”

– Dr. Adam Perler, D.P.M, FACFAS.

Artelon Collagen Patches


Artelon Confidence

“I am confident in my use of Artelon for soft tissue deficiencies, as it gives me an added layer of security and control in surgical reconstructions and repairs.”

– Dr. Janos Ertl, M.D. Orthopedic Surgeon

“Artelon is easy to use, effective in soft tissue reinforcement and displays no soft tissue inflammatory reaction post operatively.

My applications include peroneal retinaculum reinforcement, lateral ankle stabilization procedures, achilles tendon reinforcement and collateral ligament reconstruction is PDS of the 2nd MPJ.

With all applications, there is that ease of use, strong repairs and no inflammatory reaction which allows the Artelon to stand apart from other grafts.”

– Dr. Warren Windrom, D.P.M, FACFAS.