ATFL Reconstruction

Approximately 30,000 Lateral Ankle Injuries occur each day in the US. These injuries range from stretching out, partial tears, or complete tears of the ligament. Chronic sprains can lead to a weakening or laxity to the ligaments leaving an unstable ankle. Artelon implants are elastic in nature and enhances mechanical strength allowing for surgeons to repair the ATFL with proven strength and long-term stabilization.


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Watch the Procedure

Lenny Vekkos, D.P.M (Chicago, Il) presents a technique for Artelon’s Native Foot & Ankle Solutions, utilized for ATFL reconstruction. Used confidently in soft tissue augmentation, the 3×4 Artelon implant is elastic in nature and allows for native movement of the ligament and joint.

The video highlights the steps preferred by Dr. Vekkos for insertion and fixation of Artelon material, 2.8 Smith and Nephew SpeedScrew anchors, and magnum wire suture to augment the repair.

Before & After Artelon

Watch the Before and After of the ATFL Reconstruction Procedure.

Artelon Product Photo

``Using the Artelon Reinforcement to augment my soft tissue repairs allows me to confidentially use more...``

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