Achilles Repair

Achilles tendon injuries and ruptures are frequently seen in the orthopedic setting. If an Achilles tendon rupture is neglected or undiagnosed, or if the tendon re-ruptures, surgical intervention is often necessary. In order to regain its functionality the tendon needs to be under load during the healing process. Artelon provides long-term load sharing and support for the repaired tendon from day one through remodeling to the maturing phase. Support through the maturing phase is accomplished by Artelon’s porous nature, which allows for tissue in growth and revascularization.

Artelon Achilles

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Watch the Procedure

Two techniques are presented for Artelon’s Native Foot & Ankle Solutions, utilized for Achilles Repair. Used confidently in soft tissue augmentation, Artelon’s 6×9, 4×6 or 3×4 implants can be used effectively to repair and stabilize the Achilles tendon. Artelon is elastic in nature allowing for long-term load sharing.

This video highlights the insertion and fixation of Artelon material and magnum wire suture to augment the repair.

Achilles Repair Half Wrap

Watch the Achilles Repair Half Wrap procedure.

``Surgeons have been using degradable materials for centuries. Everything from pig gut to collagen patches...``

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